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Who We Are

Cameo Launch Online Short Film Cinema curates, promotes and presents the best short films available online to stream for free. As well as being a focal point for premium quality short film, we also produce in-depth reviews, editorials and interviews covering the current events and latest developments from across the indie film and film festival landscape.

Our online shop also gives our users and followers the option of purchasing movies, books, music and more from independent artists. We also work with select movie and music labels in order to provide cult and classic titles for users looking for more mainstream options.

Who Are Our Users?

The Student User

The student user has a median age of 20, studies in the north west of England and is an avid follower of mainstream chart music as well as being a huge fan of event movies. Outside of studying their chosen media and communications subject for their undergraduate degree, the student follower is an avid fan of online gaming and a regular social media user, particularly Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. The social life of the student follower centres around the amazing nightlife available in the metropolitan cities in England's north west. This includes taking advantage of student-oriented and DJ-led nightclub events, concerts, independent live performance music events, comedy nights and travelling to neighbouring cities to see their favourite performing artists. Strong use of internet access in combination with their entertainment interests, leads to a frequent habit of visiting and engaging in platforms that focus on presenting and sharing video content. The nature of their studies leads them in the direction of platforms dedicated to high quality short and independent film. A strong social life informs their interest in fashion, the latest social tech (smartphones, games consoles, branded music accessories) and youth-driven travel such as backpacking or interrailing. Social media access coupled with organised societies keeps the student follower updated as to current events and provides an environment for them to become politically aware and active.

The Young Professional User 

The young professional user has a median age of 29 and is at the beginning of a career in the creative industries in Manchester or London. Personal interests relating to entertainment stem from preferences established during their student years and have progressed to include non-mainstream and cult/classic music and film. The young professional user is in a serious relationship or married, but still with no dependents. As such they use their disposable income from an average annual salary of £29,000, for leisure activities, such as frequenting their favourite restaurants and late bars. Occasional big expenditures on leisure activities include short holidays and romantic getaways to UK-based resorts or longer trips to southern European destinations. Their disposable income is also utilised in accordance with their interest in home entertainment technology (Smart TVs, soundbars/Bluetooth audio) and online entertainment platforms (Apple/Netflix/Amazon Video). Having followed short film from their student years and having developed an interest in independent film as a result, the young professional user is tuned in to the biggest film festivals (Edinburgh, Leeds, Cannes) and is very knowledgeable about event movies as well as those tipped for awards (Oscars, Baftas). The professional user has followed the drifting of cerebral character-led entertainment from cinema to TV and online platforms and is the go-to person for info on the latest big series (Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, House of Cards).